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If there is one thing I have learnt over the past couple of years, it is how important it is to update your skincare routine regularly. I never really thought it would make much difference to my skin, so I plodded along through my adolescent years, right through to early adulthood and to my mid twenties doing the same thing and using more or less the same products. During this time my skin changed so much, I was naive to think sticking to the same product would give me the perfect glowy skin. It was only once I had Sophia (my eldest) I noticed my skin change, slowly but drastically leading me to pay more attention to my skincare routine.

Let me start off by giving you a brief history on my skin, as a child I had fairly normal skin, from the age of about 12, I noticed very dry skin on my eyelids and was told by my GP it was eczema. Eczema runs through my Dad’s side of the family and is hereditary, growing up it never really bothered me, I gave up on using the steroid cream I was prescribed as it didn’t work, instead I slapped on Nivea cream (the original blue one) like there was no tomorrow. Looking back at pictures it’s safe to say I used waaaay to much as my face was a grease ball, but it was the only cream that made my skin feel hydrated, although I would reapply maybe 5 or 6 times a day! The eczema cleared when I was about 16, I started to drink more water and I am almost certain that helped. From then on my skin was ok but always had the dry, tightening feeling until I would put on Nivea and again I would re apply this constantly throughout the day. When I got pregnant with Sophia my skin was great, more plumper and more hydrated, I didn’t get the urge to constantly apply cream, after giving birth however things couldn’t be more different, the eczema reappeared!!

It started off around my eyes, then around my nose and mouth as well, the majority of my face was covered in eczema, and it was awful. As a child I never gave it a second thought but as an adult it made me quite paranoid thinking it was all anybody was looking at. My skin was red, flakey and looked irrupted all the time. It also made wearing makeup difficult as my then foundation, Mac cosmetic’s Studio Fix Fluid clung on to the dry patches making them appear worse and more visible, this brought my confidence down and had me researching anything that could help me. I read countless reviews on so many creams and ointments, spent a small fortune trying them, all seeming to work for about a month before my skin would become immune to them and the dreaded eczema would reappear leading me back to my beloved Nivea. During this time I was also prescribed steroid creams from my GP, these did work however, I would have to use them everyday for them to be effective, I decided not to use them regularly I didn’t want my skin to thin due to the excessive use, not to mention having to deal with pigmentation and sensitive skin for the rest of my life, and whose to say they wouldn’t become ineffective had I used them daily. Instead I decided to use them a few days before a special occasion, this way the  eczema would clear, albeit temporarily, but it would give me the confidence I needed.

After countless trips to my GP I managed to convince them to send me to a dermatologist, this was a turning point in my skincare journey. The dermatologist really understood my how and why I suffer from eczema, my GP had told me so many times it was an allergic reaction to makeup, but I knew it was simply because eczema is hereditary. She made me understand that this is an issue I will be likely to face for the rest of my life and prescribed a fairly new ointment for me to use called Protopic. I started off using about 4-5 times a day, as the eczema decreased in intensity and dryness I reduced to twice a day, morning and night. The idea is to keep using it even when the eczema disappears to stop it from returning, I however got lazy and when the eczema cleared and  stopped using it. When it would reappear I would start and so forth, but for the the last 6 months I am happy to declare I have been eczema free and have not been using any form of prescribed creams or ointments.

Educating myself in the types of products I should be using, and the brands who specialises in products for dry/very dry/eczema prone skin. Having heard about the brand Vichy and reading countless reviews I purchased the, Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes and the Soothing Cleansing Milk. These two products are amazing, the eye makeup remover seriously takes all traces of mascara and eyeliner away without me having to tug at my eyes, because it is an oil formula it doesn’t dry out my skin like makeup wipes and and other makeup remover do. The cleansing milk was a holy grail product for me whilst my eczema was quite intense, it is a hydrating cleanser which doesn’t require any water, you simply put a small amount on a face pad and wipe across your face and voila you have glowing, hydrated, cleansed skin. Now if your anything like me and need to wash your face with water in order to feel clean you can use this product with water as well. I use it as a makeup remover as it is quick and easy to use but also I know it isn’t going to dry out my skin. Vichy products do not contain any paraben’s, parabens are found in many skincare and cosmetics brands and these typically dry out the skin. Products that contain them are not good for anyone with dry/very dry/ sensitive/eczema prone skin, they can be found in many creams and cleansers which are marketed to those of us with these skin issues, Nivea being one of them. So on the surface it may seem hydrating but they could be drying out your skin from within.

I use a range of Vichy products and will be doing blog posts on them detailing how they work, this is why I have not gone into a lot of details in this post about my current skincare routine as it is quite a long post by itself. I think before I share my skincare secrets with you all it is important you understand my skin type and the issues I face. If you have oily skin the products I use aren’t likely to be useful for you, and what works for me may not work for you even if you have dry skin, as there are other factors to consider, i.e. hormones and allergies. I hope you have found this post informative, have you suffered with your skin? Do you have eczema? What products have worked for you? I would love for you all to share your favourite, holy grail products with me as I now like to update my skincare seasonally.

You can purchase Vichy’s Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes HERE

You can purchase Vichy’s Soothing Cleansing Milk HERE


Lucky B xx

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