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Now before you all get excited or slightly concerned this post is about Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run palette! When I finally got my hands on it last month I was like a kid in a candy shop, this palette has everything I need, all nicely compact in one tiny palette and with all the hype it has a lot to live up to.

If I am completely honest, I didn’t want to like this palette! I love Urban Decay and their products but I was beginning to think the Naked range and all their palettes were becoming a bit of a gimmick, every few months they release a new palette and this is why I resisted the urge to purchase.. Except that is when I got a cheeky 20% and thought okay, Urban Decay you’ve got me!! Now I have my paws on it, on a recent evening out I decided to challenge myself by only using to products in the palette.

Lets start with the packaging, as most of you may know I am a sucker for packaging and this palette doesn’t disappoint. It’s rose gold, glossy packaging is so inviting, once you open it you’ll reveal a huge square mirror perfect for applying your makeup from start to finish or, for a quick touch up. Considering this palette consists of five eyeshadows, a powder contour, blusher, highlighter, a lipgloss, eyeliner and a mascara; it fits nice and neatly into your handbag. Pulling this beauty out on your train journey to work or uni will make applying your makeup on the go so much more easier as you will have most of your makeup if not all neatly in one place, so you won’t be shuffling through your handbag looking for your lipgloss.

The products inside the palette did not disappoint me, the eyeshadows are highly pigmented, super easy to blend (as always) and a combination of matts and shimmery ones, I mean what more could you want? The blusher tone is a gorgeous pink which might look scary at first glance, but it gives your cheeks a natural flush of colour which is perfect for the up and coming spring season. The bronzer has a warm undertone which is great for a sun kissed bronzed look, therefore it wouldn’t really be suitable for contouring as in my opinion cool tones are much more complimentary and natural looking when contouring.

The downside for me was lipgloss and this is mainly because I’m not a lipgloss kind of girl! I would have liked it to have a little more pigment as it appears a lot deeper in the bottle than it actually is. I did however stick with it without applying any lip liner or lip stick and to be honest it was nice to have a change.

All in all I think every makeup junkie should own this palette, is compact and you can create an array of looks with it. The Naked On the Run palette will set you back £37, for eleven good quality products I’d say that was quite reasonable!

 You can buy Urban decay’s, Naked On the Run Palette HERE.

Have you tried this palette? What were your thoughts?


Lucky B xx

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