My Hair.. Courtesy Of Nicky Lazou


My hair before

We all know the struggle of finding a great hair dresser; one that can cut, colour and style your hair to perfection. If any of you have been lucky enough to find one you will know just what I’m talking about. There is nothing like that feeling of slumping yourself down in the stylists chair not having worry about the end result.

I first met Nicky Lazou back in June, I had been following her on Instagram for a couple of years lusting after her perfect balayage blended colour. I finally booked an appointment and I couldn’t have been more excited but also a little anxious having had bad experiences with hair colouring in the past (haven’t we all). When booking with Nicky you are told this isn’t your average salon experience, her salon set up at her home it is a cosy yet professional environment.

When I arrived Nicky welcomed me but she seemed as though she wasn’t expecting me, when I asked if she knew I was coming she laughed and said, “of course, Im just looking at your hair. I make hair contact before eye contact.” She instantly made me feel at ease. We talked about the look I wanted to achieve, I had been growing my hair for a couple of years so i didn’t want too much of the length more of very natural sun kissed balayage. Nicky explained because I had virgin hair and the fact that I have naturally dark hair it is a lot harder to lift, especially as her main prerogative is to have and maintain health hair. i’m sure she could quite easily have slapped on a ton of bleach and colours to achieve my desired look, but the condition of my hair would have been awful. Nicky tells all her clients to really take care of their hair in between colours, to use hair masks weekly and to use products that will put nourishment back into our hair. She explained the whole process thoroughly even the fact that initially I may be upset with the colour but after a few washes the colour would show through. Nicky was right at first the colour was subtle and difficult to notice but after a good few washes my hair looked effortless and very naturally sun kissed.

Nicky tells all her clients that they will leave the salon with darker hair than it will actually be, after a few washes the colour will show through more prominently. This got me thinking back to whenever I’ve had my hair coloured in the past, usually I would show a picture of the colour I would like to achieve and viola thats what I would get (well, most of the time) but when you think about it after you wash your hair week in week out your colour is likely to fade and change meaning you might have to got back sooner than you would like. Nicky colours the hair darker so as its washed it is more to your desired colour, thus lasting longer.


My hair after a few washes, the colour is subtle and natural just what I wanted

Feeling very pleased with the results I decided to go back last week and go a little lighter. From speaking with Nicky she instantly understood what I wanted and what I wouldn’t like. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed just as I was on my first visit. As I mentioned before, this is not your average salon environment where you sit in your stylists chair generally only communicate with them and flick through a few magazines while your waiting for your colour to set. You sit in a room with about 2/3 other ladies, its a very relaxed atmosphere, I lost track of time whilst having a giggle and a gossip with Nicky and all the other ladies.


Foil Head

After having my colour washed out, I had an Olaplex treatment which helps restore damaged hair due to colouring. Nicky’s assistant then blowdried my hair straight, they do this to make sure the hair colour doesn’t look streaky and is blended naturally.  Thinking it was time for a change I had a good few inches off the length, Nicky gave me a wonderfully blunt cut with a long sweeping thick fringe, my hair now feels healthier and thicker. They curled my hair to create natura waves and viola!



I loved the colour and cut and having washed it twice since I am so in love with my hair.. The colour, the cut, it is just perfect and I am pleased to say I have now found a hairstylist whom I can trust, Nicky Lazou has given my hair a new lease of life. Nicky also has a youtube channel which she shares tips and tricks on how to look after and care for your hair, how to create effortless hairstyles and fashion lookbooks. You will find Nicky’s youtube channel HEREalso lookout for her on Instagram, if you are interested in booking Nicky then email






What do you think? Should I go lighter next time?


Lucky B xx

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